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If you like what we are doing and would like to help us out, one way is to donate. Donations will be used to cover bills, purchase new ChromeOS devices to test/develop for, and giving back to projects we rely on.

Download GalliumOS

You can install GalliumOS from an installation image downloaded below, or you can dual-boot GalliumOS alongside ChromeOS by installing with chrx.

See the wiki for full instructions.

Also check our hardware compatibility list to make sure your device is supported, which build to download, and any issues reported for your model.

For your Chromebox


MD5 Checksums

Please verify that your download matches.

cbc8568b142048833752bf3dbd956c40 galliumos-baytrail-1.0.iso
47235765398d8c2b62b2c23ae533e030 galliumos-broadwell-1.0.iso
79178b7700948c0c42159ac01d20c165 galliumos-broadwell-cbox-1.0.iso
fddba8a25f5130723dcad4e87cb4a40a galliumos-haswell-1.0.iso
6f795f9c290482af57771338f0071e18 galliumos-haswell-cbox-1.0.iso
fc7bc8c62eb9bd3059919a3a217f7e8f galliumos-sandy-1.0.iso


The current GalliumOS release is available via BitTorrent. Please seed!

Chromebooks: Haswell | Broadwell | Bay Trail | Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge
Chromeboxes: Haswell | Broadwell

Download Mirrors

GalliumOS downloads are also available from these mirror sites:


Get Involved

If you would like to help us build GalliumOS, you can find us in #galliumos at

You can also help out by donating to the project. We thank you!